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The Ta' Xbiex Local Council was once again elected in 2013 with the following being the new members of the council

  1. Max Zammit (Mayor)
  2. Rosario Portelli (Vice Mayor)
  3. Louise Cachia Castelletti
  4. Eugenio Muscat
  5. Frank Roe

The Members

A quick look at the Ta' Xbiex Local Council members.

Mr. Max Zammit D.L.I.S.(Melit.) - Mayor

Mr. Zammit was elected for the first time in 2013 and achieved the most number of votes, and hence became the new Mayor of Ta' Xbiex. Mr. Zammit is 29 years old and got elected at the age of 27 becoming one of the youngest mayors on the island. He is a qualified information professional and is currently the Head of the Melitensia Section at the University of Malta Library. At the moment he is also pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Zammit is an activist in social welfare, local politics, sports and media. Very recently he started conducting political programmes on One Radio.

Mr. Rosario Portelli - Vice Mayor

Mr. Portelli is another first timer and occupies the post of Vice Mayor in the local council of Ta' Xbiex. Mr.Portelli is 69 years old and is the president of the Ta' Xbiex Labour Club.

Ms. Louise Cachia Castelletti 

Ms Cachia Castelletti is 37 years old and has been serving as a council member since April 2017. Ms. Castelletti is qualified in management and banking and holds a career within the banking industry. Her interests vary from sociology to culture and music. She is also very active within the Ta' Xbiex parish and local politics. 

Mr. Eugenio Muscat

Mr. Muscat is 74 years old and he is at his second term in the Ta' Xbiex Local Council. He is very active in local politics.

Mr. Frank Roe

Mr. Frank Roe is 64 years old and is another experienced councillor. He is active in local politics and this is his fourth term in the local council of Ta' Xbiex.

Councillors Photos

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