In this section you can find a list of useful forms that you can download with a simple click of mouse.

Popular Forms

Passport Form
Transport Malta Disabled Persons Form
Local Council Complaint
Petition Form

Go Forms

Billing Itemisation form
Change of Ownership Acceptance
Change of Ownership Release
GO Shifting of Access Networks Form
Residential Application Form
New Telephone Service
Request For Works Form
Shifting Of Access Networks Form

ETC Forms

Termination Form
Engagement Form
Self Employment Form

Enemalta Forms

Formola Ta Servizz Gdid Tad Dawl Fit-Toroq
Request For Consideration By The Advisory Board
Application For Solar Heater Rebate
Application Photovoltaic
Application For Micro Wind Turbine
Application For Combined Heat
Application Claim For Damages
Application Temporary Supply
Application For Change of meter
Application For Power Factor Connection
Application For Gaiters
Application For Removal Of Meter
Application For Alteration Of Service
Application For A New Electricity Service
Application New Street Lightning
Application For Solar Heater Rebate

Water Services Forms

Application When Place is Owned
WSC Direct Debit Mandate
WSC Cancellation of Direct Debit
WSC Replace Shift of Water
WSC Updating a care address
WSC Mandate for direct debit
WSC Application for change of consumer
WSC Request for up to date bill form

Trade Licences

Commercial Fairs
Car Boot
Marketing Agent
Late Night Shopping
Substitute Hawker
Market Hawker
Street Hawker
Transfer & Cancellation
Change Of Use
New Licence
Change To The New System
Commerce Service Form A2
Commerce Service A1

Housing Authorities Forms

Application To Fix House
Application Scheme SM
Application For First Time Buyers
Application Government Property
Application For Private and With Rent